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BlueHost Review – BlueHost Free Hosting Features


Today, there are tons of web hosting service providers and you can rely on a good number of them for quality web hosting services. BlueHost has been rated among the top 20 web hosting companies in terms of clientele size and top-notch web hosting features. As a result, webmasters are constantly relying on BlueHost for quality web hosting. All of Bluehost’s top quality web hosting features and services come with extreme affordability. And, the BlueHost Discount $3.95 Per Month makes web hosting even more affordable.

This general BlueHost web hosting review would focus on BlueHost’s two major FREE hosting features;

BlueHost’s FREE Drag-and-Drop Site Builder

The FREE drag and drop Site Builder feature offered by Bluehost is simply desirable. It is something that webmasters easily fall in love with. In recent times when having tons of websites could mean multiple streams of online income, anyone would appreciate the FREE site builder that comes with BlueHost’s web hosting plan even at a discount. Just imagine how much it would cost you to build multiple websites for your various online money-making programs such as affiliate marketing. This will make you realize how much $$$ you will save by taking advantage of this FREE hosting feature.

Although some other web hosts offer FREE drag and drop site builder, users have rated BlueHost’s site builder tool highly in terms of ease-of-use, varieties of templates and other factors, plus the low rate of the entire hosting plan. Thus, with the reliable nature of the tool, you can build multiple websites at a snap of the finger. Even a newbie can get around with website creation easily using this friendly site builder tool.

Popular Site Builders Offered by BlueHost

The popular website builders from BlueHost  include the WordPress and Weebly. These two are webmasters’ favorite. WordPress is among the most widely sought after open source platforms that enable websites creation from simple blog sites/ forum sites into different webpages as well as complete-features websites. There are wide arrays of WordPress themes to choose from for your design. For a business website, you may go for the fanciful or complex themes, especially for a business website with full features. However, maintain a touch of simplicity in your design.

Additionally, the WordPress site builder tool is a great feature for making a website’s navigation user-friendly, particularly for people who are shallow in website management. If you are a newbie, you only need to toy around with the tool for a couple of days before getting a grasp of how it works. Subsequently, you will start creating tons of web pages with ease. No doubts, creating web pages with WordPress and Weebly comes with much ease most times. However, you should bear in mind that setting up WordPress is a different niche completely. But, the WordPress site builder that comes with BlueHost web hosting plan is easier to use since it is accompanied with varieties of themes and the necessary plugins.

You don’t have to go through the hassles of building sites manually when you can accomplish things faster and easier using the various automated applications that would make the process simpler. The problem is that some webmasters assume that something may go wrong in the future with automatically created web pages. On the contrary, the notion is not founded.

BlueHost’s FREE Domain for One Year

FREE domain is one of the desirable features that come with BlueHost hosting package even if you are availing the discount price. This is a free feature you would hardly find with lots of web hosts. Once you establish that the domain name would remain your primary domain for your hosting plan, it will be given to you at no extra cost.

Now, perhaps you are just getting started with web hosting and you don’t really know the magnitude of benefits that come with FREE domain for one whole year. Look at it this way; first, you would need to work tirelessly just to popularize it. The great advantage that BlueHost’s FREE domain has over a newly created one is the fact that you are leveraging an already-popular domain. If you are going for a new domain creation, you would embark on thorough research first, just to come up with a mind-appealing and completely unique domain name. This is an uphill task since it has become very difficult to uncover a keyword-based domain name that is unique and unregistered. You need all the creativity you can muster to achieve this feat. And, if you are a newbie, this task becomes even more difficult.

Don’t forget, there’s yet another effort in the area of trying to register the new domain name and you will also need to employ every possible internet-based marketing strategies to facilitate your domain ranking on Google and other search engines. Of course, if the new domain is not sufficiently optimized, you would not meet your market volume target.

What’s more? Avail yourself the opportunity of enjoying these valuable free features with the BlueHost $3.95 per month coupon.

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